Don't Get Sick If Baby Does

Just because baby is sick doesn't mean you're destined to come down with a cold... as long as you proceed with caution.

Mom soothing sick baby

The odds are...

Did you know that your chances of getting sick double when you become a mom? According to research from the University of Arizona, that is one of few pitfalls of becoming a mom. But you don't have to succumb to being a statistic!

Wash your hands

Doctors continually say that washing your hands may be the number one way to help eliminate germs thus keeping you well. Even if you are vigilant about washing your hands, do double duty when baby is sick. Wash hands before and after all contact with baby including changing his diaper, feeding him and even cuddling.

Limit contact

Speaking of cuddling... and this one may be the toughest tip yet. You may need to avoid unneccessary contact with baby during his illness. We know... all you want to do when baby is sick is cuddle and comfort him. We're not suggesting you give baby the cold shoulder when he's ill but you'll need to be extra cautious when giving him some lovin'.

Take a break from your up-close-and-personal game of peek-a-boo and hold off on kissing baby on the mouth, face and hands until he's well.

Keep it clean

Wipe down surfaces that baby comes in contact with often like his changing table and high chair with a disinfecent, and make sure he doesn't grab your items like your phone or the remote control to use as a teething toy.

Hands off baby's toys

Resist the urge to pick up baby's toys throughout the day -- you are simply exposing yourself to more germs. Once baby is well, give all his toys a good soak in a white vinegar bath, then wash them with soap and water, then rinse them in white vinegar again.

Don't share

If baby's used to taking a sip off your water bottle, make sure she has her very own during the time that she is sick. While we're on the topic, it's probably best not to share cups or water bottles with baby on a regular basis anyway as you can simply pass germs back and forth.

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