I Heart Pregnancy

Sure, there are a few drawbacks of being pregnant like backaches, sleepless nights and morning sickness. But there are some pregnancy perks that just can't be ignored!

Man snuggling with pregnant woman

The pregnancy glow

You've heard people say, "She's got that pregnancy glow." Well, it's a real thing! One positive perk of all those hormone changes as well as the increase in blood flow is a flawlessly gorgeous complexion!

Make the most of your pregnancy glow by ditching your usual foundation and trying some tinted moisturizer instead. Finish your look with some bronzer, mascara and a shiny lip gloss and work that natural glow, mama!

A full head of hair

You've always wanted thicker hair, right? (What woman doesn't?) Well, with pregnancy you may find your locks are more luxurious than ever, but it's not actually thicker than it was before pregnancy. Your hair falls out at a slower rate during pregnancy, so it may seems as though your hair is fuller. You can thank higher levels of estrogen prolonging the hair growth process for your terrific tresses.

Once baby arrives, you may find lots of loose strands on your hairbrush or in the shower and fear you're going bald! No worries -- it's just your hair returning to its normal growth/rest patterns so it may seem like you're losing more hair.

Nail it

You may notice longer, stronger nails during your pregnancy as well, due to extra nutrients you're giving your body by way of healthy eating and prenatal vitamins. If you keep up your healthy eating habits, your nails may continue to grow longer and stronger for months post-pregnancy.

Curves ahead

It's not just your belly that will get bigger during your pregnancy. Your breasts will almost instantly start to grow as the milk ducts develop and stretch to fill with milk. Embrace your pregnancy curves and rock that cleavage!

Sexy sack sessions

Thanks to not only your newfound curves but also an increase in blood flow to the pelvic area (especially during the second trimester) will get you in the mood -- making for some sensational time between the sheets with your baby's daddy.

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