Keep Her Out Of Danger

Shopping carts are so handy for grabbing groceries, and are such simple contraptions -- until you have a baby in tow, that is. How do you keep her safe in the shopping cart?

Shopping cart safety

Shopping carts come in all shapes and sizes, most designed to work through the aisles of a store and safely transport your items until you leave the checkout line. Many have kid-friendly features, from traditional belted seats to cars that the child can ride in and "drive." If you have a baby that still rides in a car seat, where’s the best spot for her? There are several options.

Store-provided attached seats

You can unbuckle your baby from her car seat and take her in the store and place her in a harnessed seat that is securely attached to the cart.

Car seat in the basket

Another option is to bring your child into the store still bucked in her seat and place her in the basket of the cart. This is not ideal, though -- if you’re not careful, items can fall on her.

Wear your baby

What I did most often was take the baby out of her car seat and wrap her to my body. She’s warm, comfortable and right next to her mom, and not anywhere near the cart and in no danger of falling or having something fall on her. She would be happy and content and not alone and crying.

Where the car seat doesn’t belong

"Never put the car seat on the top of the cart where an older child would sit"

Never put the car seat on the top of the cart where an older child would sit. They are not meant to hold car seats and a wrong move, bump or jiggle and the baby seat can fall, as what happened in September 2011. Unfortunately, that baby sustained serious injuries and died at the hospital.

Emergency room personnel report that dozens of falls from shopping carts happen every year, and while most accidents are not fatal, many are serious. I personally witnessed a mom and her little one shopping one day. The girl was a toddler and was in the attached seat that the store provided, but she was not buckled in. She was horsing around, as toddlers are known to do, and she fell. It was horrifying to witness. I don’t know the extent of her injuries but I hope the mom took her to get looked at. Shopping cart safety is no joke.

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Janny March 08, 2013
There are new carts at some Krogers and I also saw them in Nevada at Smith's Foods. The entire baby seat fits into a safe docking station on the carts and it's secured with a belt.

It makes a world of difference when my 6MO is safe in his own car seat and I can use the cart for all my groceries.

I don't know who else is getting them, but I have been asking my store manager for them.