Risk Of Poisoning

Chances are you have children's cold medicine in your cabinets -- make sure you don't have any of these on hand.

Triaminic and TheraFlu products

Novartis Consumer Health Inc., has recalled about 2.3 million units of Triaminic® Syrups and Theraflu Warming Relief® Syrups -- including products for infants -- due to the failure of child-resistant caps to function properly, enabling the cap to be removed by a child with the tamper-evident seal in place, posing a risk of unintentional ingestion and poisoning.

Product description: The recall involves 24 types of Triaminic® Syrups and Theraflu Warming Relief® Syrups for coughs, colds and fevers.

The following products are affected:

  • Theraflu ® Warming Relief Flu and Sore Throat, 8.3 oz. NDC number: 0043626508
    Lot numbers: 10108935, 10096570, 10121298, 10123035, 10106483, 10126716
  • Theraflu® Daytime Warming Relief Severe Cold and Cough, 8.3 oz. NDC number: 0043046108
    Lot numbers: 10096571, 10117845, 10102070, 10118134, 10118135, 10126586, 10126729
  • Theraflu® Daytime/Nighttime Severe Cold & Cough Value Pack NDC number: 0067641216
    Lot numbers: 10120065, 10116591A, 10116591,10116593, 10106487, 10108285, 10116594, 10116597, 10116598, 10116600, 10116601, 10116602, 10117845, 10118109, 10118112, 10118113, 10122937, 10122938, 10122939, 10122936, 10126735, 10126101
  • Theraflu® Nighttime Warming Relief Severe Cold and Cough, 8.3 oz. NDC number: 0043046008
    Lot numbers: 10104954, 10104955, 10107018, 10118113, 10123039, 10104956, 10126861
  • Theraflu® Warming Relief Cold and Chest Congestion, 8.3 oz. NDC number: 0043629608
    Lot numbers: 10106482, 10102071, 10113497, 10122891, 10123274, 10126440, 10128457
  • Theraflu® Warming Relief Sinus and Cold, 8.3 oz. NDC number: 0067640708
    Lot numbers: 10095358, 10104966
  • Triaminic® Chest and Nasal Congestion, 4 oz. NDC number: 0067634704
    Lot numbers: 10092515, 10095554, 10098503, 10106046, 10106233
  • Triaminic® Cold and Allergy, 4 oz. NDC number: 0067634604
    Lot numbers: 10092519, 10096507, 10092518, 10102344, 10102052, 10098505, 10106511, 10099191, 10122929, 10125956
  • Triaminic® Cough and Sore Throat, 4 oz. NDC number: 0067634804
    Lot numbers: 10104678, 10107025, 10107026, 10117681, 10118052, 10126850
  • Triaminic® Day Time Cold and Cough, 4 oz. NDC number: 0067634504
    Lot numbers: 10092520, 10095545, 10117453, 10097308, 10095904, 10099699, 10102053, 10103616, 10107024, 10103617, 10114266, 10116660, 10116869, 10116870, 10126445
  • Triaminic® Daytime/Nighttime Cold & Cough Club Pack NDC number: N/A
    Lot numbers: 10095327, 10095907, 10097748, 10095298, 10117817, 10117818, 10117819, 10094078, 10096213, 10097322, 10097347, 10096214, 10120410, 10119294, 10123407, 10123406
  • Triaminic® Daytime/Nighttime Cold & Cough Combo Pack NDC number: 0067621608
    Lot numbers: 10095906, 10099216, 10100792, 10100793, 10101494, 10101495, 10106846, 10104675, 10106086, 10106088, 10106284, 10106848, 10110968, 10113146, 10113147, 10115037, 10116592, 10116595, 10116596, 10116599, 10123383, 10123388, 10094078, 10097322, 10094079, 10100694, 10094080, 10097321, 10095808, 10097323, 10097324, 10104676, 10106470, 10106466, 10106471, 10106467, 10106472, 10106474, 10114392, 10106473, 10120410, 10119294, 10123407, 10123406
  • Triaminic® Dye-free Long Acting Cough, 4 oz. NDC number: 0067635004
    Lot numbers: 10081942, 10082283, 10081940, 10102049, 10102048, 10106251, 10102051, 10107021, 10107022, 10118430, 10121529, 10129170
  • Triaminic® Fever Reducer Pain Reliever Bubblegum, 4 oz. NDC number: 0067643204
    Lot numbers: 10093941, 10102270, 10112423, 10106334, 10116891
  • Triaminic® Fever Reducer Pain Reliever Grape, 4 oz. NDC number: 0067643104
    Lot numbers: 10092719, 10108530, 10112422, 10106335, 10093939, 10126470, 10127629, 10130550
  • Triaminic® Fever Reducer Pain Reliever Infant Bubblegum, 2 oz. NDC number: 0067644159
    Lot numbers: 10115515, 10115516, 10115520, 10115521, 10119567, 10128589
  • Triaminic® Fever Reducer Pain Reliever Infant Grape, 2 oz. NDC number: 0067644059
    Lot numbers: 10115517, 10115518, 10115519, 10115522, 10123421, 10128599, 10130570
  • Triaminic® Multi Symptom Fever, 3.4 oz. NDC number: 0067639434
    Lot numbers: 10116856, 10116857, 10126948
  • Triaminic® Multi Symptom Fever, 4 oz. NDC number: 0067639404
    Lot numbers: 10110769, 10095563, 10102058, 10102271, 10116866, 10116867, 10116868, 10121656, 10126740, 10128836,
  • Triaminic® Night Time Cold and Cough, 3.4 oz. NDC number: 0067634434
    Lot numbers: 10097303, 10097552, 10097554, 10108819, 10114273, 10126947
  • Triaminic® Night Time Cold and Cough, 4 oz. NDC number: 0067634404
    Lot numbers: 10094309, 10095895, 10097312, 10097313, 10104673, 10102054, 10106850, 10108823, 10111184, 10101373, 10114269, 10118449, 10121342A, 10121812, 10106851, 10126742

Where/when it was sold: The products were sold for about $5 at food, drug, mass merchandise and club stores nationwide between May 2010 and December 2011.

Reason for recall: The manufacturer has received 12 reports of children unscrewing the locked caps. Four of these children ingested the product, resulting in one needing medical attention.

What you need to do: Stop using this product immediately and remove it from your home or place where children can gain access to it. Contact Novartis for instructions on how to return the product for a full refund.

Company information: Call Novartis Consumer Healthcare toll-free at (866) 553-6742 from 8 a.m. to midnight ET, Monday through Saturday, via email at Novartisotc.nchus@novartis.com or online at www.novartisOTC.com for more information.

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