Ouch! Mom, Don't Touch!

Babies all have sensitive skin but some have extra sensitive skin or rashes that need to be treated with extra special care.

Baby crying


Red, blotchy scaly or patchy dry spots on a baby's skin can be terribly frightening for a new mom. However, most rashes are not cause for concern unless they are accompanied by a fever or are a particular type. For example, if your baby has random tiny red dots on his skin that look like little blood spots, call your doctor right away. This is called petechiae and could be a sign of a serious blood issue.

Again, most rashes, despite their look, are not cause for concern. However, they may not be comfortable for baby so you'll want to make sure to ease baby's discomfort as much as possible.

Easy on the lotion

You may be tempted to treat rashes with lotion but take head: some lotions can actually irritate the rash and make baby even more uncomfortable. There could even be an ingredient in the lotion that has caused the rash.

Be careful what products you use

Use sensitive-skin products like gentle baby bath soap and laundry detergent.

Give baby a soothing bath

Add baby oil or colloidal oatmeal to a warm bath for baby. Gently pat his skin dry versus wiping/rubbing his skin dry.

Dress baby for comfort

Dress baby in 100 percent cotton clothing versus synthetic materials, as his clothes may be the culprit. If you suspect it's what he's wearing that's irritating his skin, let him hang out in just a diaper for a little while to see if that helps ease the rash.

Ban wipes

Even sensitive-skin wipes can irritate baby's rashy skin so lay off the wipes. Use slightly warm water on a cotton ball or washcloth when changing baby's diaper.

If a rash lasts longer than three days, is accompanied by a fever or is making your baby lethargic or weak, give your pediatrician a call -- it is probably time for an expert look at the skin irritation.

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