Can I... During Pregnancy?

There are a lot of things you'll have to sacrifice during pregnancy (trust me, they won't seem like sacrifices once baby arrives!). But for the safety of your unborn baby, it's worth it. We discover what is safe, and what's not during pregnancy.

Woman giving herself a manicure

Drink caffeinated beverages

Most doctors will tell you to cut back or abstain from too much caffeine during pregnancy. My doctor told me one cup of caffeinated coffee per day was okay. But I went decaf anyway.

Get a mani/pedi

Because the constant exposure to fumes from the solvents used at nail salons isn't good for you, it is not recommended to get your nails/toes done on a regular basis during pregnancy. (Plus, the fumes may not make you feel very good if you are experiencing smell-sensitivity or morning sickness.) However, an occasional mani/pedi should be fine and then supplement by doing your own touch-ups at home.

Get inked

Because of the risk of obtaining (and passing along to your unborn baby) a blood-borne infection from a dirty needle that can be passed through bodily fluids, it might be a good idea to wait until after you welcome baby to get a tattoo. And always make sure to do your homework to sleuth out a well-respected tattoo artist with a clean studio and equipment.

Use the microwave

In today's world of modern convenience it seems impossible to go nine months without using a microwave. And luckily you don't have to. Experts seem to agree that today's microwaves are solid enough in construction that they do not leak a significant amount of radiation to harm you or your unborn baby during pregnancy.

Go swimming

Swimming in a properly chlorinated pool is not only okay'ed by doctors, it is reccommended. During the latter stages of your pregnancy, swimming can be a great way to get some exercise without straining yourself and it can feel good to relax your pregnant body in a cool pool.

Tote your toddler

If you're working on baby number two (or three or four), you may have a toddler at your knees begging you to carry him. In the early stages of your pregnancy, this is okay. However, as you reach four to five months, encourage your "big kid" to walk with you while holding hands or sit down with him on your lap if he's craving some contact. If you must pick him up, bend your knees and keep your back straight to avoid any unnecessary strain on your belly.

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