Easter Outfit Ideas

Ready to celebrate baby's first Easter? Check out these adorable Easter dresses in our favorite girly color -- pink!

Easter dresses for baby

1. Tulle cute

Baby girl will look adorable in this soft, feminine pink color. Rosettes cover the bodice and a tulle overlay gives the skirt extra style. A coordinating diaper cover will keep her tushie looking cute while she's bending over picking up Easter eggs. Also includes a sash that ties in the back. Sateen sleeveless dress set, Carters, $17 (on sale)

2. Punchy pink

We love this brighter dress for its coral-like hue. The eyelet details add an extra special touch without the frilliness of fancy lace. The little accent bow incorporates one of spring's hottest trends --- floral patterns. Bonus: It's machine washable so hopefully those grass stains from the Easter egg hunt will come out easier. First Impressions baby dress, Macys, $29 (on sale)

3. A gathered gem

If you're having a more formal Easter celebration, this gathered dress is a great special occasion option. It has a Scarlett O'Hara quality with a voluminous skirt that might make your daughter want to do some twirls in the middle of Easter dinner. American Princess floral gathered dress, Kohl's, $30 (on sale)

4. Seeing stripes

Looking for something a little bit different than a plain pink Easter dress? This pink and white striped dress gives just the right amount of oomph without going overboard. We love the small details in this dress like the Peter Pan collar, gathered bodice, and pearl buttons and fabric bow in the back. A great option for Easter brunch outdoors. Half-smocked Eliza Dress, Fawn Shoppe, $180

5. Ombre inspired

For a decked out Easter party dress, check out this tulle dress with a variety of pink hues. This dress is like the sassy sister of the first option we featured above. The rosettes, bow, and tulle skirt vary in shades of pink to kick things up a notch. The tulle has a subtle glitter; perfect for your little princess. Marmellata Classics Glitter Tulle Rosette Dress, Kohl's, $24 (on sale)

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