Eat Clean During Pregnancy

Clean eating, the method of eating whole foods and those closest to the source, can ensure a nutritious diet during pregnancy and set you up for a healthy postpartum diet, as well.

Happy woman eating vegetables

Ditch the drive-thru

There are very few healthy items on any given fast food restaurant menu and it's likely that you're not headed through the drive-thru for those items anyway. Give your fast food addiction a kick to the curb once and for all -- not only for you but also for your growing baby. You only want the best for him, right?

Avoid overprocessed and packaged foods

Have you ever read the ingredients list on a prepackaged frozen dinner or cracker and cheese sandwich package? They are loaded with lots of unpronounceable words that don't sound much like food. Rule of thumb: If you can't pronounce it or don't know what it is, you probably shouldn't eat it.

Add lots of fruits and veggies

You can add fruits and vegetables to your diet without feeling deprived. Blend fruit (and greens like kale and spinach) with ice, almond milk and a little agave nectar for a fabulous breakfast smoothie. For lunch, steam veggies, drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil and toss over brown rice or whole grain couscous and for dinner, enjoy some lean protein -- like baked chicken -- with a sweet potato.

Select high-quality meat and poultry

When choosing meat and poultry, ensure that you are purchasing the cleanest, healthiest version available. Speak to your grocer's butcher about meat or poultry that has not been treated with any hormones.

Give up soda

We all know soda isn't good for us. The regular kinds are full of sugar and the diet versions are rife with chemicals. Weaning yourself off soda is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself on the road to becoming healthier overall -- not just during pregnancy.

Snack smart

Instead of grabbing a bag of chips or a box of crackers, snack on a handful of nuts or a few olives paired with a piece of fruit. Plan ahead if you're going to be on the go, so you don't find yourself stuck without a healthy snack when hunger or pregnancy cravings strike.

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