Risk Of Bipolar Nearly Quadrupled

Influenza during pregnancy is not only miserable for Mom, but new research has shown that it may be linked to developing bipolar disorders later in life.

Pregnancy and influenza

Influenza, a seasonal respiratory illness that is very contagious, can cause mild or severe illness and can occasionally result in death for certain populations. The influenza vaccine can prevent many cases and is available for pregnant women. In addition to avoiding the virus for your own health and safety, new research has linked maternal influenza infection with an increased risk of their child developing bipolar disorder later in life.

Viral link to psychiatric disorders

Researchers combed over medical records from 1959 to 1966 of pregnant women who received obstetric care from Kaiser Permanente Health Plan’s Northern California region as well as records from a county behavioral facility. They also contacted and conducted interviews with the mothers and their adult children.

They found 72 cases of bipolar disorder through interviews of 214 individuals, and another 23 from a previous study called Prenatal Determinants of Schizophrenia Study, which also asked about bipolar disorder.

When compared to individuals who had no psychiatric disorders, and comparing influenza rates in their mothers, it was found that bipolar disorder was nearly 4 times more likely to occur if Mom had influenza during her pregnancy. Exposure during pregnancy at any time was correlated with an increased risk, although third-trimester influenza infections seemed to be associated with a higher risk.

What this means to you

The study was weakened by the very small sample size they had to work with, but it is still something that pregnant women should consider during flu season. We are thankfully mostly out of influenza season this year, but pregnant women are usually encouraged by their doctors to get a flu vaccine. Also, avoid large crowds if possible during the flu season and wash your hands frequently.

The study didn’t find an increased incidence of bipolar disorder with other respiratory or viral illnesses, but it’s still a good idea to try to keep those germs at bay -- nothing is more miserable while pregnant than being sick.

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Allen's goal when he arrived at Gunderson was to build a lasting basketball program. Like CoachCarter, Allen held the boys to academic standards: They needed to maintain a 2.5GPA to play. This angered some players and parents; after all, the football team didn't need grades that high. But Allen held firm. Same went for practice. Show up 30 seconds late and Allen locked the doors on you. To encourage competition he held one on one varsity tournaments before each game to earn a jersey. In the summers he expected players to join his traveling team and train at his facility in LosGatos, paying if they could afford to. and drove from house to house picking up players for practice, sometimes making two trips when his Chevy Blazer got too full. He worked long days, finally falling into bed at midnight, but he loved it. He felt he had a purpose, a plan.
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The 2011 12 boys' basketball squad showed promise, however, despite an unorthodox lineup of four combo guards and one power forward. The guards were Ryan, a junior playmaker and straight 'A student; senior Lodi Vertilus, a long, athletic football wide receiver; Lamar Smith, a brash senior who attacked the rim like a tiny Latrell Sprewell; and Joaquin Gallardo, a gritty junior with a sweet shooting stroke. A year earlier the Grizzlies had finished a surprising 14 8 in Allen's first season, losing in the first round of the Central Coast Section of the California Interscholastic Federation playoffs. This year they were favorites to win the middle division of the Blossom Valley Athletic League. For the first time in ages, there were expectations.
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Nine days later Gunderson did it again, beating Carmel in its first game of the section playoffs. That the Grizzlies lost to Salinas in the quarterfinals did little to dampen the buzz. The Grizzlies were the feel good story of the SouthBay. In an unprecedented occurrence, Gunderson players swept the BlossomValley division's awards for senior of the year (Ryan), junior of the year (Mohamed) and sophomore of the year (David). Adding to the excitement, a group of talented freshmen was arriving in thefall.
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Allen lit out for Europe to follow his dream of a pro career. He played in Poland and then Sweden, accompanied by his wife, Virginia, who bore him a son, Jacobi. One day when Jacobi was 212, Allen returned to their apartment, and Virginia handed him divorce papers. She left with Jacobi that afternoon. Allen says he didn't hear from her for four years. Then one morning in 2004, while he was in Korea on an exhibition tour with the Harlem Ambassadors, he got a call from the Santa Clara County (Calif.) DA's office. You need to come pick up your son by tomorrow afternoon, or he could be put up for adoption. And that, as he now recounts in motivational speeches to church groups and to players at basketball camps, is when his life stopped being about him. He won custody of Jacobi and raised him as a single parent, just as his mother had raised him. Over the next five years, while employed as sports ministries director at Calvary Church in Los Gatos, Allen built a thriving side business as a basketball skills trainer. Soon his program included 1,000 kids, and his website was filled with video testimonials. He coached a girls' team at a Catholic school, ran an AAU squad, directed a boys' jayvee program. director at The King's Academy, a Christian school, and they had a son, Braydon, and later a daughter, Michela. Then, in 2010, he was contacted by Gunderson about its coaching job.
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