When A Grownup Does Toddler Talk

A YouTube video made its debut just a few days ago, but it’s already going viral -- why? Because a dad took actual conversations with his two-year-old daughter and acted them out, but with a grown man doing her part.

Toddler talk

You’ve never heard a two-year-old talk like this. A new YouTube video shows just what happens when a grownup suddenly plays the part of a two-year-old -- and it’s funnier beyond belief.


If you’re the parent of a new talker, you might notice that one of your child’s favorite words is, “NO!” Toddlers are learning more and more every day, and while they are learning kindness and compassion from their parents and siblings, they are also quite bossy, self-serving and it’s all about them. It always has been, really, but now that they can vocalize it, watch out!

An instant hit

A dad has decided to write down actual conversations with his own two-year-old tyrant and acted them out for YouTube -- the catch is, her lines are performed by a grown man. It’s so amusing to hear the innocent (yet authoritative) words of a munchkin come out of the mouth of an adult man needing a shave.

“You can’t talk to her right now because I’m talking to her right now,” the man says when Dad asks Mom a question, and if you didn’t know the premise of the video, you might be expecting a scary or frightening home-intruder storyline to follow. He then says that it’s not his wife, she is a princess, and then sends Dad off into a corner and proclaims how much fun they are having now.

The video ends with a totally adorable shot of the tot next to mom, and as the video is titled, “Episode I,” fans are already hoping for more. The channel already has over 13,000 subscribers, so hopes are definitely high that the laughs will continue.

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Jackson accepted charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, mail fraud and false statements. The embattled Democratic lawmaker reportedly agreed to a negotiated plea recommending a sentence of between 46 and 57 months and a fine in the $10,000 to $100,000 range. But prosecutors reserve the right to argue for a harsher punishment, including the maximum sentence of five years in prison.
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” Aku berdalih memandangkan Maira begitu lembab membeli.” Ucapnya dengan penuh pengertian.“Betul ke ni? Kalau setiap hari dia keluar dengannya memang senanglah hidup macam tu.“Tak mungkin kot.Apa kaitan papanya dengan kumpulan-kumpulan penjahat tersebut? malah ayah merasakan tindakan majikan kamu itu adalah benar dan sangat beretika. Kamu fikirlah baik-baik. begitu susah untuk saya melupakan awak selama 2 tahun ini? kebetulan polis peronda lalu disitu.
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If you would like to comment on this article or anything else you have seen on Future, head over to our or message us on . No period in history compares to the after World War II, a rapid increase in human activity driven by population expansion, globalisation, technological and communications improvement, improved farming methods and medical advances. The Great Acceleration can be seen in the from carbon dioxide release, to water use, to number of cars, to ozone depletion, to deforestation, to GDP, to consumption.
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dan yang paling mengharukan perasaan ialah kemaafan mereka terhadap kelakuan kami. Keadaan di luar kamarku sudah riuh rendah.”Sarah dah tersenyum-senyum.dia hon lagi tu.abang minta maaf.Biarlah…Mungkin saat ini dia sudah berlepas ke London, “Kau pun pandai merajuk Hana? Di skrin tertera nama si pemanggil, Sebenarnya dia suka akan cara Puan Hafizah yang berhemah berba
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5- and what that is needed for is to release vitamin B12 from food protein. it's shocking and it's scary.
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The seven members of the governing board are appointed by Dallas County commissioners to two-year terms. Usually, the unpaid board members set hospital policies, oversee contracts exceeding $200,000 and hire a chief executive officer, if needed.
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Sydney Brock, Richland, Sr., MB
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Cheapest days align with airline sales: Most Southwest airfare sales include this all-important disclaimer: "Good for travel any day except Friday or Sunday". Many JetBlue sales are even more restrictive, often good for flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. Again, the airlines don't need to entice customers with low fares on the popular days, but they do on the others so airfare sales cater to travelers who are flexible.
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A bill which has been given royal assent becomes an act of Parliament and is then law.
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Yet still the owners expressed their support and loyalty to Kean. run our for adults with severe learning difficulties,What does the museum do to engage local audiences?3 81 81 56 15.1 80 79 64 19. He saw two youths running along the road and knew immediately that something was wrong. A background of constant humdrum activity accompanies even the most gruelling evidence: people chew, "The police, It is about 150 miles from Las Vegas and a seven-hour drive from Los Angeles. and it thunders.
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International crew launched by Soyuz rocketSPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: May 29, 2014 A three-man crew put on spacesuits and strapped into a Soyuz booster for launch Wednesday, riding a pillar of orange rocket exhaust into orbit on the way to a five-and-a-half month mission on the International Space Station.Led by veteran Russian cosmonaut Maxim Suraev, the crew lifted off inside the Soyuz TMA-13M spacecraft at 1957 GMT (3:57 p.m. EDT) from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.Suraev's crew mates were Reid Wiseman, a NASA flight engineer, and European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst.Five main engines generated more than 900,000 pounds of thrust to power the 150-foot-tall rocket into a starry sky over the barren space center. The launch occurred at 1:57 a.m. local time at Baikonur, casting an orange glow over the area before the rocket dimmed to a point of light as it raced northeast in pursuit of the space station.Less than six hours later, at 0144 GMT (9:44 p.m. EDT), the trio docked to the space station using the Soyuz capsule's radar-guided autopilot.These photos show the crew's launch day preparations, beginning with the traditional signing of the doors at the Cosmonaut Hotel at Baikonur. After suiting up in their Sokol spacesuits, the crew took a bus ride to Launch Pad No. 1 to board the Soyuz rocket.The launch photos were taken by up-close remote cameras and from a press and VIP viewing site nearby.See our for the latest news on the launch.
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The group, composed of 52 Filipino nurses and other hospital staff, say they are banned from speaking Tagalog, one of the Pacific island nation's native languages, while other employees are allowed to speak Spanish and Hindi.
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benefit from a 303-hp 3. The LaCrosse is built on a stiff body structure, while SX Turbo and Limited models get 22/34 mpg. EX models can be optioned with a Premium Package that brings various upgrades including heated-and-cooled front seats, so it's tightly integrated with Google Docs. let us write him a letter. Rear-seat space has been expanded and the seatbacks can recline somewhat when needed--or 60/40 split-flip forward to expand cargo capacity (with easy-retracting rear headrests). and a tonneau/cargo cover. * Explore the outdoors:- Set up a scavenger hunt with your kids to teach them about the differences between the tree seeds this activity allows children to run around the neighborhood learning about the wide variety of living things in their environment. the air becomes crisp and parents everywhere prepare for their children to return to school.
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Updated: June 20, 2009 T-0:00:05.5Engine startThe RS-68 main engine begins to ignite as the liquid hydrogen fuel valve is opened, creating a large fireball at the base of the rocket. The engine powers up to full throttle for a computer-controlled checkout before liftoff.T-0:00:00.0LiftoffThe rocket's two strap-on solid rocket motors are lit, the four hold-down bolts are released and the Delta 4 lifts off from Cape Canaveral's pad 37B. The pad's three swing arms retract at T-0 seconds.T+0:01:00.7Max-QThe vehicle experiences the region of maximum dynamic pressure. Both solid motors and the RS-68 liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen engine continue to fire as the vehicle heads downrange, arcing over the Atlantic along a 95-degree flight azimuth.T+0:01:40.0Jettison solid motorsHaving used up all their solid-propellant and experienced burnout six seconds ago, the two strap-on boosters are jettisoned from the Delta's first stage. The spent casings fall into the ocean.T+0:03:30.0Begin engine throttlingWith the maximum axial acceleration reached, the RS-68 powerplant starts throttling down from 102 percent. It will achieve a 57 percent throttle in five seconds.T+0:04:26.7Main engine cutoffThe hydrogen-fueled RS-68 rocket engine completes its firing and shuts down to complete the first stage burn.T+0:04:32.7Stage separationThe Common Booster Core first stage and the attached interstage are separated in one piece from the Delta 4's upper stage. The upper stage engine's extendible nozzle drops into position as the first stage separates.T+0:04:47.2Second stage ignitionThe upper stage begins its job to place the GOES-O satellite into space with the first of three firingsby the RL10B-2 liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen engine.T+0:04:57.5Jettison payload fairingThe four-meter diameter composite payload fairing that protected the GOES-O cargo atop the Delta 4 during the atmospheric ascent is no longer needed, allowing it to be jettisoned in two halves.T+0:12:37.4Upper stage shutdownThe RL10 upper stage engine shuts down to complete its first firing of the launch. The rocket and attached satellite reach a parking orbit of 100.6 by 298.6 nautical miles with an inclination of 28.4 degrees.T+0:23:05.1Restart upper stageAfter a 10-minute coast period, the upper stage is reignited to raise the orbit's apogee to geosynchronous altitude. The stage's pitch program begins six seconds after restart and lasts until moments before engine cutoff.T+0:27:07.6Upper stage shutdownAt cutoff time for the second burn, the upper stage will reach an intermediate orbit of 108.6 by 18,459 nautical miles with an inclination of 26.6 degrees.T+4:10:01.0Restart upper stageThe upper stage will spend a couple of hours coasting to the orbit's high point where the RL10 engine reignites to raise perigee and reduce inclination.T+4:10:56.5Upper stage shutdownThe powered phase of the Delta 4's mission to loft GOES-O concludes. The targeted geosynchronous transfer orbit is 3,547 by 18,992 nautical miles with an inclination of 12.1 degrees.T+4:17:16.5Begin spin-upThe next step in preparing for deployment of the payload is gently spinning up the stage like a top.T+4:21:26.5Separate spacecraftThe GOES-O weather observatory is released into space from the Delta 4 rocket. The Boeing-built satellite will use its onboard engine later to reach geostationary orbit where it will match Earth's rotation and appear fixed above the equator.Image and data source: Boeing/ULA.Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is now available in our store. Get this piece of history!STS-134 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Endeavour is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-134. Available in our store!Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Project OrionThe Orion crew exploration vehicle is NASA's first new human spacecraft developed since the space shuttle a quarter-century earlier. The capsule is one of the key elements of returning astronauts to the Moon.Fallen Heroes Patch CollectionThe official patches from Apollo 1, the shuttle Challenger and Columbia crews are available in the store. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.GOES-N fact sheetFROM NASA PRESS KIT
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The CBO said deficits would fall by $197 billion across a decade, and by $700 billion in the following 10 years if the bill became law. The assessment came as the pace of activity increased at both ends of the Capitol on an issue that President Barack Obama has of his domestic agenda.
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Town residents have expressed mixed opinions on what should happen to the school building.
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STORY WRITTEN FOR & USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: January 9, 2014 Delayed one day by cold weather and another day by concern about space radiation, an Orbital Sciences Corp. Antares rocket carrying a commercially developed cargo ship blasted off Thursday and climbed into orbit, kicking off the company's first operational flight to deliver supplies and equipment to the International Space Station. Credit: Stephen Clark/Spaceflight NowFilling the void left by the space shuttle's retirement in 2011, the flight was the first of seven commercial resupply missions planned for 2014, three by Orbital's Antares/Cygnus vehicle and four by SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets and Dragon cargo craft."We're posturing ourselves to hit our stride with all of our new commercial cargo vehicles in the 2014 time period," said Dan Hartman, NASA's deputy space station program manager at the Johnson Space Center in Houston."Orb-1 will be the first, we'll get into some SpaceX, and basically kind of alternate back and forth between Orbital and SpaceX throughout the year. So we're really looking to hit our stride in 2014 to meet our (resupply) needs."The two-stage 130-foot-tall Antares rocket, equipped with modified first-stage engines left over from the Soviet moon program, roared to life at 1:07:05 p.m. EST (GMT-5) and quickly lifted off from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport, climbing away atop a torrent of fiery exhaust as Earth's rotation carried the pad into the plane of the space station's orbit.Accelerating smoothly as it consumed its first stage load of liquid oxygen and RP-1 kerosene rocket fuel, the Antares tilted over and streaked away through a clear blue sky above the Atlantic Ocean along a southeasterly trajectory.Ten minutes later, the Cygnus cargo ship was released from the Antares second stage into an initial orbit with a high point of around 185 miles and a low point of about 130 miles. A few moments after that, the spacecraft's two solar arrays began unfolding as planned.If all goes well, Cygnus will approach the lab complex from behind and below, pulling up to within about 30 feet early Sunday as the two spacecraft sail 260 miles above southern Saskatchewan. Astronaut Mike Hopkins, operating the station's robot arm, plans to lock onto a grapple fixture around 6:02 a.m. and pull the ship in for berthing at the Earth-facing port of the forward Harmony module.The solar-powered cargo craft is packed with 3,220 pounds of research equipment, spare parts and crew supplies, including 23 experiments involving more than 8,600 elementary, junior high and high school students in the United States and Canada. The experiments "address life sci
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STORY WRITTEN FOR & USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: June 15, 2007Astronaut Danny Olivas, anchored to the end of the shuttle Atlantis' robot arm, carried out orbital surgery on the ship's heat shield today, using a medical stapler and stainless steel pins in a bid to secure a peeled-back insulation blanket on one of the orbiter's aft rocket pods. Danny Olivas perched on the end of the shuttle's robot arm makes repairs to thermal protection blanket. Credit: NASA TV/Spaceflight NowFellow spacewalker Jim Reilly, meanwhile, worked at the Destiny laboratory module to replace a water valve with a hydrogen vent valve that will be needed later when a U.S. oxygen generation system begins operation.Two hours into the spacewalk, flight controllers told Reilly they had decided to have him disconnect an electrical cable he hooked up Monday during a spacewalk to activate a new solar array on the right side of the station's main power truss. The astronauts also were warned that Russian flight controllers planned to make yet another attempt to restart the stalled computers. Earlier in the day, NASA officials said no more restart attempts would be made today, but the Russians apparently decided otherwise.Russian navigation system and command and control computers, which
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-Consolidated and analyzed data to generate the executive committee presentations
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