A Diaper Bag For Both Mom And Dad

For new parents adjusting to life toting around baby gear, finding a diaper bag that’s functional, yet stylish can make a world of difference. We’re taking a look at SoYoung’s Charlie Bag to see if it fits the bill.

SoYoung Charlie bagThe rundown

SoYoung’s Charlie Bag ($175) promises to be more than a diaper bag – it’s a lifestyle bag that will take you from play dates to work. The modern bag has a unisex design so Dad can feel comfortable toting it around without feeling like he’s carrying your purse.

The bag is designed with both the parent and child in mind. Clear compartments on the inside of the bag keep baby’s gear organized while pockets on the outside hold your keys, sunglasses, and other mommy essentials.

SoYoung charlie diaper bagFeatures

  • Available in three unisex colors: black, khaki and blue slate
  • Made with an environmentally conscious approach from durable materials such as coated linen and Lead-safe, Pthalate-free, PVC-free materials
  • Clear and mesh pockets on the inside keep baby gear organized
  • Laminated lining is easy to clean
  • Includes machine washable, laminated changing pad
  • Insulated pocket for snacks and insulated sides for bottles
  • Strap can convert to a backpack
  • Stroller straps included
  • Pockets for parents (sunglass holder, place for cell phone, etc.)
  • Fits 13-inch laptop
  • Bulky item flap can hold miscellaneous items like a baby carrier, blanket, umbrella, or yoga mat.

Our take

After struggling to find a diaper bag that was functional and didn’t make me feel like a dork to carry around, I was excited to try out SoYoung’s Charlie Bag. I toted it around with my new baby for two months taking it to play dates (i.e., coffee with other moms), mall outings, doctor appointments, and stroller walks.

The pros

The bag was clearly designed by a mom with functionality in mind. I love the multiple pockets both inside and out. The inside pockets keep wipes, pacifiers, a change of baby clothes and extra swaddle organized while the outside pockets stash my keys, phone, lip gloss, and bottles of water.

My favorite part of the bag so far has been the stroller straps since my Britax B-Agile travel system doesn’t have a huge area on the bottom to stash baby gear and the Charlie Bag’s stroller straps allow me to hang the bag from the handle bar for easy access. Note: I’ve noticed the bag can weigh down the stroller and I have to take it off first before taking off the car seat component otherwise it will cause the stroller to tip over.

The changing pad that comes with the bag has worked great. The laminated pad is easy to wipe down after massive diaper blowouts and the slim design doesn’t take up much space.

I’m not using the insulated side pocket for snacks too much right now since my baby is still breastfeeding, but it has helped keep my protein bars from melting on hot summer days. I also use it to store my iPad since the big pocket makes it easy to access.

The cons

While the coated linen fabric seems rather durable, it tends to attract lint, which really shows up on the black version. We found a lint brush was a must in keeping it looking clean.

The bag fits a 13-inch laptop, which means I’m out of luck with my 15-inch Macbook pro – just something to think about if you want it to function as a bag for work essentials too.

The pockets and straps can be a tad confusing to figure out at first and I recommend watching this demonstration video.

The bottom line

This bag is a good option for moms and dads who like to share the same diaper bag, but still want something with style. Parents who love functionality in their baby gear will dig the neat pockets and bag design.

For more information, visit www.SoYoung.ca.

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