Pumping With Ease

Every new mom will tell you that each drop of expressed milk is like liquid gold. That's a lot of pressure to create enough of said liquid if you need to leave baby for any amount of time while you're nursing. Take the pressure out of pumping.

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Encouraging your body to "let down" milk when you need to pump is much easier if you are relaxed. Okay, easier said than done... how exactly can one try to relax? Well, take your mind off the task at hand, for one. Flip through a magazine, take a few deep breaths and even try to visualize something that relaxes you like getting a massage or something that makes you happy (like your baby's smiles). Instead of listening to distracting sounds, record the sound of your babies noises or listen to soothing music.

Seek some privacy

It's no secret that woman get stressed at the thought of nursing in public, so we can only imagine that the thought of pumping in public would send most nursing women into a fit of panic. So instead of creating that kind of stress for yourself, make sure you have a private place to pump if you have to express milk at work or in another public environment.

Maintain a pumping schedule

If pumping is part of your new-mom routine, try to create a schedule and stick as close as possible to the same pumping times throughout each day. The pattern could help prepare your body for let-down when the time comes to pump.

Get comfy

It's tough to relax when you're uncomfortable. So make sure you're in a position that promotes relaxation. Don't hunch or tense up your shoulders. If you can, lean back against a soft couch or pillows.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water or another healthy beverage and have a small snack just before and even during pumping.

Take a warm shower

If you're planning to pump at home, take a warm shower or place a warm compress on your breasts beforehand to encourage let down.

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