Shhh... Bonding In Progress

Parenthood books and articles will give you plenty of ideas as to how to bond with baby through activities. But much bonding with baby can also happen in those special quiet moments.

Mom holding baby

Middle of the night nursing

I always loved when my babies woke up in the night ready for a feeding. I would sit or lay with them in the dark, hold their tiny bodies against my own and just cuddle with them in the silence, listening to their cute suckling noises as they drank their milk. I loved that quiet time to just hold each baby with no other interruptions in the world.

Bath time

Before bed, bath time can serve as a soothing bonding time for both you and baby. Keep the lights low in the bathroom when bathing baby before bedtime and whisper or softly sing to baby as you wash him with a soft sponge and warm water. During before-bedtime baths, utilize a baby wash or shampoo with the calming scent of lavender to relax you both before you put baby to bed.

Connect with nature... and baby

Buckle baby into his stroller or strap him into his carrier and explore nature together. Resist the urge to point out all the sights ("Look, a bird! There's a sunflower!"), though that is a great way to teach baby new things. Save that for another trip... On this journey, bond with baby while taking in the beauty of the silence all around.


Regardless of the fact that many parenting books advise against rocking your baby to sleep (rationalizing that baby will not be able to get himself to sleep on his own as he gets older), I always took so much joy in rocking my babies until — and sometimes long after — the sandman had paid them a visit.

Baby massage

Grow closer with baby through simple touch. A soft and gentle massage of baby's feet, tummy and back can help relax him while the two of you bond.

Story time

Reading time can be a fun and interactive time for baby. It can also be a relaxing and bonding time for you and baby. It all depends on the books you choose! I love the library of bedtime books I collected during the years when my babies were little. To this day, I will tuck myself into bed with them and we'll read until we all fall asleep. I love this special bonding time that we've created, and I'm glad they still love it, too!

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