If your toddler has a pair of belted leggings from H&M, you may want to see if they are a part of this recall.

Recalled H&M leggings

Photo credit: USCPSC

Over 65,000 leggings from H&M are being recalled because part of the belt can come off, posing a choking hazard.

Product description: This recall focuses on H&M girls’ leggings sold in the following colors: black/pink belt, black/silver belt, black and white stripe/black belt, blue and white stripe/blue belt, blue hounds-tooth/blue belt, grey check/pink belt, grey with dots/pink belt, khaki/pink belt, khaki with dots/pink belt, pink and white check/white belt, purple/purple belt and red and blue plaid/blue belt.

The knit leggings came in sizes 1-1/2 to 8 years and have a plastic belt with a bow-shaped buckle. H&M is printed on the back of the care label. The care label is either black or white and attached to the waistband in the back of the leggings.

The garments have an O/N (order number) and P/N (product number) printed on the top of the care label. The following O/N numbers are included in the recall: 345180, 400690, 400691, 441760, 441761, 441762, 446960, 446961, 446962, 446963, 446965 and 978210.

Where/when they were sold: These recalled leggings were sold exclusively at H&M stores nationwide and online at HM.com from August 2012 to April 2014 for between $3 and $15.

Reason for the recall: A metal part on the belt can detach, which poses a choking hazard. There has been one report of a choking incident in the U.K., but none have been reported in the U.S. yet.

What you need to do: If you have a recalled pair of H&M leggings, stop using the belt and remove it from the leggings. Contact H&M customer service to find out how to return it for a $20 gift card.

Company information: You can contact H&M customer service by phone toll-free at (855) 466-7467 from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. EST any day. You can also email them at customerservice.us@hm.com or go online at www.hm.com and click on “Product Safety Recall — read more” at the bottom of the page for more information.

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This 12 girls who own got in contact with Slater Gordon using claims regarding Harris are usually from your United kingdom, New Zealand and Quotes.

NSPCC us president John p Wanless reported they had acquired an "explosion with calls" within the last Day from individuals concerned with lovemaking mistreatment, ultimately related to Harris himself, he stated: "I feel this is certainly pointing to of the improved self-belief that people have recently to seek legal to get criminal acts that had been devoted from them".

He said Harris experienced requested an independent dvd firm to make the online video next enquired your NSPCC in regards to the consistency of your emails there.

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Dozens a lot more assumed patients came out ahead in the trial, which includes a lot of in Australia, plus Scotland Yard has been in hint with regards to their cousins in the Foreign authorities. It's not at all but straightforward whether will be pursuing every investigation during Harris's residence place.

Richard Scorer, mistreatment legal representative to get Slater Gordon that symbolize 176 people involving Jimmy Savile, mentioned they were got in touch with by "up into a number of people" with accusations regarding Harris along with ended up being thinking about these folks meticulously.

He explained: "We back again an about arching question directly into kid misuse at the time the information which might be even now outstanding happen to be finalized.

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The particular 12 ladies who currently have got in contact with Slater Gordon along with accusations about Harris are usually with the English, New Zealand plus Queensland.

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