Postpartum Between The Sheets

There are many (oh so many) things that change once you become parents. And the truth is, so does your sex life... for a little while. But with time and effort (plus some coffee or wine?), you'll be back in the groove between the sheets.

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You may not want to right away

Whether you're still in recovery mode physically or mentally or just plain exhausted by the responsibilities of new parenthood, sex simply may not be as appealing to you as it was before you became a mother. Give yourself time and be honest about your feelings to your partner. And here's the good news...

He might not either

Though a new dad doesn't have the demand of physical recovery, we're willing to bet he's pretty tired from pulling nighttime duty with Baby, too. Instead of focusing on physical intimacy, bond over new parenthood — the struggles and the joys — until the moment is right for both of you.

Breastfeeding can indeed mess with your sex drive

When breastfeeding, a woman's body produces less estrogen (making your downstairs drier and less flexible — thus more uncomfortable during sex) and less testosterone (buh-bye libido). It also produces more prolactin, which drags your sex drive down. With this triple threat, it's no wonder that you may not be in the mood. Respect what your body is doing — breastfeeding has amazing health benefits for both you and your baby. And know that once you're finished breastfeeding, your sex drive should return to normal.

You may not be in a touchy-feely mood

Whether or not you are breastfeeding, as a new mom, you're holding, snuggling and comforting your new baby all day long. And that can leave you simply touched-out by the end of the day... right when you're honey is ready for some snuggle time of your own. Help him understand that it's nothing against him, and do your best to carve out some touch time just for him. After all, he was your main squeeze before Baby arrived, so he could even be feeling a little left out by all the time you spend canoodling with your newborn.

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