Baby/Child Height Predictor

How tall will your child be when he or she is an adult? Find out with this height prediction tool!

How tall will your baby be when he or she grows up? Will your child end up on the jockey-size side, tall as a NBA player -- or somewhere in between? Get an idea how the averages play out by entering some information here!

Child's Gender
Child's Age
Mother's Height
Father's Height
Child's Height
Child's Weight

Estimated Adult Height:

* st = Stone, a British unit of measurement, which equals 14 pounds.

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Anonymous April 15, 2013
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Gloria March 08, 2013
This has to be off. My 13 1/2 year old grandson is 6'6" tall and it said he will not grow any more. My 12 year old grandson is 5'7" tall and said he'll be 5'8". So he'll only grow 1 more inch and he just turned 12 last week!!??!!
Gloria March 08, 2013
This has to be off. My 13 1/2 year old grandson is 6'6" tall and it said he will not grow any more. My 12 year old grandson is 5'7" tall and said he'll be 5'8". So he'll only grow 1 more inch and he just turned 12 last week!!??!!
tvcpuh604 March 04, 2013
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It's 'One for My Baby'
Were All Beautiful January 02, 2013
Yeah I'm 18 and I'm 6'1, its correct. My mom is 5'8 and,dad is 6'0.
Noreen October 16, 2012
I was 5'4" my husband 5'8", our son wound up 6' 01". Our Doctor was right on the button!
They forgot genetics.Men in my family were all tall.
Aimee October 12, 2012
I agree, this computer Height Predictor is way wrong! I tried 3 different children of 3 different sets of parents, and, now that the children are adults, they are all way taller than what was predicted.

What a waste of time!
Sharon September 29, 2012
Thought this was interesting
Karyn September 28, 2012
I also had heard about doubling your height on your second birthday and that would be your adult height. If that holds true, my son will be 6'7" (as he was 39.5" on his second birthday). I filled in the data for his current height and weight and mine and my husband's and it caculates him at 6'6" so I would say its not far off the mark for us. He is currently 9 years old and 5' tall (FYI, I am 5'8" and my husband is 6'3"). (I also heard that for girls you double their height at 18 months and not 2 years, but since I have a son, I can't speak to that).
uhhh September 22, 2012
it works fine if u just put the parents heights, and duh people trend upward so dont hate on a computer program so hard
dj September 17, 2012
everyone is saying this is off. however, my 16 and 15 year-olds are right-on according to this. both are shorter than both parents, so i calculated at what they were a few years back (figuring it would say they should be at least my height) and it came up with the current prediction: exactly where my 16 yo is now, and that my 15 yo will grow one inch taller. weird.
liz September 17, 2012
totally wrong: One son is currently 3 inches taller than your calculated amount and has a couple more years to grow, the other son is 6 inches taller than your calculated amount, at 21 years old and could grow a bit still. Where do you get this nonsense - it devalues your site.
Anonymous September 06, 2012
Not working. Said my 12 yr old will shrink from his current height of 5'5"
Indygirl August 28, 2012
This is WRONG! It says my son, who is 12 1/2, will be 4'10" as an adult! That is his height right now! So he won't grow any more in the next 6 years??????
Tracy August 27, 2012
Not accurate at all! and you cant seem to put baby's weight in if his/her weight was blank pounds and over 9 ounces.
myronsgirl1 July 04, 2012
This is not very accurate. My oldest daughter was 24" and weighed 8 lbs 5 oz at birth. I am 5' 7" and my husband was 6' 1". This calculator said she would end up being 5' 7". My daughter is now 23 years old and she is 6' 2" tall!
NoBama2012 June 23, 2012
This test is lame!!!! Please, I mean my ex is 5' 10", I'm 5'5 and it said that my 10.5 yr old girl is going to be 5'4" as an adult!!?? No way. Then I plugged in the stats for my 6yr old girl, who's already almost 4 feet long, and they said she'll only be 4' feet, 5'' !!?? Puleeeze!! My father-in-law is 6foot 5" so I'm pretty sure that my 6yo already got his height!! She's very long for her age!! I'd give this test 1/2 a star out of 5 if we had to judge!!
Sandra Dee June 19, 2012
According to the above formula, my son who is currently 19 would have reached his full height at 17. He has kept growing and now stands at 6 ft. 4 inches.

Years ago someone told me that if you take your childs height at the age of 2 and double it you would get approximately their adult height. That formula actually came pretty close. My oldest son had a great head start weighing in at 11 lbs 7 oz at birth and 24 inches. At 2 he was 3 ft 2 inches and now at 21 he is 6 ft. 6 inches. I think that is pretty accurate.
Dixiecharmer June 18, 2012
measure you child on its second birthday, then double, I was only a 1/2 inch off my first child, and right on on my second child.
Kara April 30, 2012
This calculator is so OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is saying that the child will never be taller than both parents. HAHAHAHA!!!!!